Pricing and info

Welcome to Celebration Cakes.

Below we have outlined some information to help you plan your next special event.

Please feel free to browse through our cake galleries for inspiration and design ideas. You can also email us directly at or through our online enquiry form.

Approximate prices can be given by email, please include your event date and guest numbers so that we may be able to assist you.

For more complex quotes, customised designs and special requests this is best discussed in person with one of our consultants, we offer free consultations and cake tastings 6 days a week by appointment.

All our cakes are bespoke and made to individuals design ideas, theme, colours and servings required. Let us create something unique and personal for your special event.


All our cakes are bespoke and made to order, the price will vary according to the design complexity and how many guests need to be catered to, if you require a quote by email you must include the event date and guest numbers for us to be able to assist you further.

We recommend as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment.

A quote does not guarantee our availability for any particular event date unless a deposit has been paid to secure your spot. 


Wedding Cakes

We recommend getting in touch with us at least 3-6 months in advance of your special day. We can make a cake with less notice, please call us for any urgent orders and we will do our best to help.

Birthday and special occasion cakes

We recommend a minimum 2 weeks’ notice; certain handmade icing figurines require a minimum time to be made and set for you. We can  make a cake with less notice, it just depends on the availability for that particular week, please call us for any urgent orders and we will do our best to help.

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Hand carved novelty and sculpture cakes

Replica cars, trucks, soccer balls, team jerseys and handbags are just a small example. We recommend as much notice as possible as these edible works of art can take days to shape, sculpt and finish.

Van 1


We deliver throughout Sydney 7 days a week; our delivery prices depend on the distance from our showroom to the destination, with prices starting from $45 upwards.

Please let us know which suburb it will need to be delivered to if you would like a quote.

We hand deliver our cakes and all our drivers are in-house to ensure the safe arrival, we do not out source this to courier company’s, therefore delivery is dependent on availability, please ensure you meet minimum lead times for our cakes to avoid disappointment.

 We require a minimum 3-4-hour window before the function start time in which we can deliver, exceptions can be made upon enquiry.

We have several wonderful partnerships with various venues across Sydney, please enquire with your venue to see if we are a preferred supplier as we offer free delivery to these locations.


To secure your order

To secure your desired date we require a $100 deposit or for orders over $500, 25% of the order. This can be done over the phone with us or in person.

All final payments are due 10 days prior. Cancellation fees apply, and will be depend on the progress of your cake order. Please ask if you require more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to make an appointment for a cake tasting and consultation?

Our team are available Monday to Friday 9am-3pm, by appointment.
Saturdays are strictly by appointment only.

We are closed on Sunday’s and public holidays.

2. What size serves of cake will I need?

Our most popular size is a “finger” slice, this is 7.5cm x 3cm x 2.5cm it is best for most occasions where there is other food being served.

Our “dessert” slice is 7.5cm x 5cm x 3cm and is best if no other sweets are being served.

If you visit our showroom we can show you the actual sizes we recommend, otherwise we are happy to email you our information sheet for dimensions and cutting instructions. 

3. What is a standard height tier and a double stack/extended tier?

A standard height tier is like any cake tin you will find for sale, our standard tier height is 3 inches tall.

When we refer to a double stack/extended tier, this is actually 2 cakes on top of each other iced as one and will generally cost more than a standard tier height cake.


4. Will there be any cost for a cake tasting?

We do not charge for cake tastings and consultations. we offer 17 flavours and have 6-8 available on rotation on any given day.

5. Can I have multiple flavours in my cake?

However many tiers you have is how many flavours you can choose from at no extra cost.

6. What’s the best way to incorporate fresh flowers on my cake?

Due to availability, seasons and cost variables we recommend you supply your own fresh florals which can be given to us a day before your event and we can put them in the cake at no extra charge.

Alternatively, if you have hired a florist for your event it will be best to ask them to provide a few extra to be put in on the day.


7. Are there more photos of cakes you’ve previously made than is on your website?

We have a much larger gallery to view in our showroom.

8. How much will my cake cost?

The cost will depend on various factors, like serves required, serving size, the type of icing as well as how complex the design is.

If you have a certain budget in mind it is best to have a consultation, this way we can recommend ways to reduce the cost if possible and show you other design ideas similar to what you like that may be less complex and therefore cost a little less.

9. What information will I need to bring on my first consultation?

You are welcome to bring as much inspiration as you wish, photos, colour samples etc.

If you are not sure of exactly what you want our experienced designers will be able to assist you.

10. How should I store my cake before my event?

If you choose to pick your cake up its best to have the car as cool as possible with the air

conditioning on at least 30 min before pickup, once home a flat,cool dry spot out of direct sunlight.

Our fondant finished cakes cannot go in the fridge as this causes the icing to sweat and will soften

any icing figurines and decorations.

After serving refrigerate in an air tight container.

For butter icing finish and chocolate ganache finish it is best to refrigerate and take out 50 min prior

 to your event as our cakes are best served at room temperature.

11. Can I purchase your hand made figurines and sugar flowers separately?

All our icing figurines and sugar flowers are made especially for our customers and their individual cake designs and cannot be sold separately.

12 What are the benefits of getting a professional cake decorator to make your cake vs a friend or family member?

While for certain events its lovely to have a friend or family member offer to make the cake, we find for special once in a lifetime celebrations people prefer to engage the services of a professional company. Over our 30 years in the industry there have been plenty of times a bride has come to us in tears a few days before the wedding as they have found their friend has fallen sick, or their children are ill. We understand these things happen in life.

At Celebration cakes, we have a very close knit talented team of individuals and when a member is sick or away there will always be a decorator to make your cake for your special day.

You will also find many restaurants and function centres will hesitate to accept delivery of a cake

From someone without the proper public liability and other insurances required that a professional business will have obtained.