Mud Cake

The flavours below do not require refrigeration and are mostly suitable for finger (coffee) slices:

Blood Orange
Cherry Delight
White Chocolate
Mango & Coconut
Lemon Poppy Seed

Banana/Chocolate Swirl
Caramel/Chocolate Swirl
Hazelnut/Chocolate Swirl
Raspberry/Chocolate Swirl
Raspberry/White Chocolate Swirl
Boysenberry/White Chocolate Swirl
White Chocolate/Chocolate Swirl (marble)

Traditional Dark Fruit Cake

All Celebration Cakes are Designed, Created and
Baked Fresh on premises

Wedding Cakes

Approximately 10 days for non-wedding and 3 weeks for wedding, but from September to March we are very busy and you should book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

  • All cakes are made to order and are hand delivered to your venue on the day of the function
  • You can supply your own pictures and designs
  • You will need to know how you are serving the cake i.e.
    1. As dessert: you need a large slice of cake and need to cater for every person attending the function as the cake is a part of the formal meal and a generous slice has to be put in front of the guest whether they are going to eat it or not . When the cake is served as dessert you normally need 3 times as much cake as when the serving is as a coffee slice.
    2. As coffee: a "finger" slice which is normally served on a platter towards the end of the evening. A general rule is that you need only cater for 70% of the guests.

Important tip:
Some venues will charge "cake-age" when the cake is served as dessert which can add quite a bit to the overall cake cost.

  • Not all flavours are suitable to be used as "coffee" servings; see our flavour menu
  • With fresh flowers and fruit the cost will depend the availability and quantity as well as the time of year the cake is required for
  • We can decorate your cake if your grandmother or other family member would like to use the family recipe for the special occasion
  • Different tiers can be different flavours
  • If you have a theme such as your invitations flowers etc bring in samples and we can design your cake accordingly
  • We require a $100.00 deposit with the balance payable 10 days prior
  • We do have lay by and other payment plans are available
  • Once your deposit is placed, even though the wedding may not be until 12 months away the price will not be increased
  • All orders are written in duplicate so you will have a copy for your records
  • A large part to the cost of the cake is the labour content, so the more decoration the more expense. A small three tier cake will be more expensive (in most cases ) than a large two tier cake which can cater for the same amount of guest

Special Occasion Cakes

2 - 3 weeks notice is suggested but not always necessary.
Some guide lines to choosing a cake ...

The formal look
This is where we are using wedding cake icing and chocolate panels and there is more detail on the cake.


Sculptured Novelty cakes
This is where the cake starts as square or round and is then hand carved into the required shape.
We recommend 3-4 weeks notice.


Emailing Us
Please limit your enquiry to 3 cakes and note the code to the cake, we will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours

Please ring if you would like an immediate quote.

The following information will be helpful for us to answer your enquiry:
  • Date of function
  • Approximate number of guests
  • Flavour of the cake
  • The style of the cake
  • Will the cake be used as a dessert or coffee cake?
  • For wedding cakes, do you plan on keeping the top tier for your anniversary?

Celebration Cakes can make Birthday and Specialty Cakes from 10 days notice
Wedding cakes from 3 weeks notice (Conditions apply)
Please note: Cake trends are seasonal, please allow more notice for functions from September to May

"We do not have a shopping cart
as all our cakes are made to your specific request"

Please call 9558 6036 and a consultant will be instantly at your service!

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